China/eCommerce (2014, 2015)

Chinese eCommerce Outlook (2014-2020)

♦ China became the world’s largest online retail market in 2013, when total sales reached $307 billion.
♦ By 2018, China’s ecommerce market is expected to be worth 871 billion euros.
♦ 871 billion euros will relate to an incredible 40% of the global eCommerce market.
♦ By 2020, it is predicted, that 70 % of Chinese internet users (891 million people) will shop online.
♦ Last year, Research firm Forrester estimated that total online retail sales are expected to reach $1 trillion by 2019.

Here you can find some chinese company-names, which managed to get some of that online-growth into their business:

(Market Cap: 3.23bn @ 61USD, EPS-Growth yoy/past 5 years: 25.3%, Sales yoy/past 5yrs: 157%)
QIHU (Market Cap: 9.02bn @ 70.68USD, EPS-Growth yoy/past 5yrs: 38,7%, Sales yoy/past 5yrs: 112%)
SFUN (Market Cap: 2.95bn @ 7.24 USD)
EDU (Market Cap: 4.79bn @ 31.17 USD)

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