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Inflation und Dein Geburtsjahr

Inflation und Dein Geburtsjahr

Wir nehmen Inflation meistens dadurch wahr, dass alles teurer wird. Aber eigentlich beschreibt der Begriff nicht die Preise, sondern den Wert unseres Geldes. Und das verdeutlicht sich am besten an einer langen Zeitleiste:

Deutschland-Fokus: Folgend den ...

Cost of Capital (WACC)

Cost of Capital (WACC)

There is no number in finance that is used in more places or in more contexts than the cost of capital. In corporate finance, it is the hurdle rate on investments, an optimizing tool for capital structure and a divining rod for dividends. In valuation, it plays..

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)


Top BrandZ 2017 - Selection from Top 100

Top BrandZ 2017 - Selection from Top 100

Technology giants Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook take the top 5 places in the 2017 BrandZ top 100 most valuable global brands ranking released by WPP and Kantar Millward Brown.

Top BrandZ 2017 (Top 10)

It is also very interesting to see, that 25% of the total ...

10fold & is a Bubble? (what do you say 'bout China?)

10fold = Bubble?
(what do you say 'bout China?)

No, the following chart is NOT Bitcoin and also not the GDP of China between the years 1990 and 2005. Both of which increased tenfold within different timeframes. Bitcoin rose from 500 USD to ca. 5,000 in a couple of some quarters; Nasdaq:

Nasdaq-Composite rising 10fold from 500 to ca. 5,000

You ...

Nasdaq-100 (Magic 6,000 level)

Nasdaq-100 (Magic 6,000 level, Sep. 2017)

The Nasdaq-100 along with its components like Amazon (near USD 1,000 - leve) is fighting against the roof - placed @ a level of 6,000 points. Either the NDX fails again or breaks through that level with a closing > 6k on a friday?

magic 6,000 - level in the Nasdaq-100 (Sep. 2017)

In the following ...

Home Bias vs. Cosmopolitan

Home Bias versus Cosmopolitan

Everyone is guilty of home country bias, let's be different:
Try to invest/be(come) COSMOPOLITAN !

For many people, there's no place like home. But if you're only investing at home, first: you are taking high(er) risks and 2nd sometime you're missing out...

Cosmopolitan (versus Home Bias)


DAX, Dow Jones (Rücksetzer, "Drawdowns")

DAX, Dow Jones (Rücksetzer, "Drawdowns")

Seit dem inoffiziellen Start von meinem Projekt "Black Swan" im Sommer/Juli 2014 herum legten Dax und Dow Jones um +25,1% sowie +29,5% zu (Status: 8. Sep. 2017). Dazwischen, seit 1. Juli 2014, kam es in beiden Aktienindizes zu Korrekturen.

Dow Jones Drawdowns (Juli 2014 - 8. Sep. 2017)

Beim Dow ...

Microsoft (1995 - Sep. 2017)

Microsoft (1995 - Sep. 2017)

Microsoft hat jüngst einen neuen Meilenstein erreicht. Zum ersten Mal in der Firmengeschichte erzielte der Windows-Erfinder mit seiner Cloud-Softwaresuite Office 365 mehr Umsatz als mit seinem klassischen Office-Softwarepaket, das auf dem Computer...

Microsoft (Chart Jan. 1995 - 12th Sep. 2017)

...der ...

You can read it - anytime/anywhere

You can read it - anytime/anywhere
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Karlie and WSJ

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