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Asset-Allocation (Crypto-Cocktail)

My current Asset Allocation looks like a 
sweet Crypto-Cocktail (8.5% Crypto Inside ;-)

The Investment-portfolio as per End-November 2020 is split into Stocks, Crypto, EmergingMarkets-Bonds and Cash:

Let's see what the final weeks of this crazy year 2020 will bring in the Financial ...

Small Caps (Faktorprämie)

SMALL CAPS on the run :-)

Die bekannteste Faktorprämie bei Aktien ist die "Small-Size-Prämie", oft auch nur "Size-Prämie" oder "Small-Cap-Prämie" genannt. Sie besagt, dass kleine börsennotierte Unternehmen (gemessen an ihrer Marktkapitalisierung) im Durchschnitt höhere Aktienrenditen... (RUT)


Bitcoin and hurdles (Nov. 2020)

Bitcoin and hurdles (Nov. 2020)

My best guess: No further comment needed, IF Bitcoin stays above 10,000 USD!

Bitcoin (Potential Hurdles, Nov. 2020)

Cheers Ralph

Disclosure: I am currently (as per 16th Nov. 2020) invested in BTC directly AND indirectly via certificates

Goldminer-Purchase (just my idea)


I just had this idea of "repurchasing" a former Goldminer-Stock Holding (Gold Royalties-stock to be more precise) of mine. Following a podcast, where I listended to Stephanie Kelton. Keyword: Modern Monetary Theory (aka MMT)...

FNV (R. Gollner, trade), year 2020

...Circa one hour ago I purchased some ...

Free Cash Flow (ADBE, AMZN, FB, NVDA, PYPL)

(years 2015 bis 2025e)

A long-standing question about valuation-metrics...
Which is better: earnings or free cash flow?

Well, why not track both numbers to make the smartest moves? Earnings information provides a nice summary of a company's day-to-day operations and...

FCF (2015 - 2025), R. Gollner IDEA only (Nov 2020)


AAII Investment Survey (24th September 2020)

AAII Investment Survey (24th September 2020)

Since 1987, AAII members have been answering the same simple question each week. The results are compiled into the AAII Investor Sentiment Survey, which offers insight into the mood of individual investors. Optimism experiened...

AAII Sentiment (23rd Sep. 2020)

...its largest ...

GOLD COT-Report (Large Speculators)

COT-Report (Large Speculators)

First, what is the COT report? The Commitment of Traders (COT) is a report published by the governing body of commodities trading in the United States, the Commodity Futures Trading...

GOLD COT-Report (Sep. 2020)

...Commission (CFTC). According to the CFTC's website, "The COT reports ...

BTC/USD (Inverse SHS?)

Inverse SHS-pattern (?)

As the name suggests, this is the opposite of the well known head and shoulders (SHS) pattern - and as such, it indicates a bullish reversal. An inverse head and shoulders is formed when the price falls to a lower low in...

BTC inverse SHS-formation - Question Mark (Sep. 2020)

...a downtrend, then bounces and ...

BTC (ETH & DeFi)

BTC zwischen
12.500 und 9.200 USD

Die Sandwich-Zone für den Bitcoin ist mittelfristig mit den Marken 12.500 USD auf der Oberseite und 9.200 USD auf der Unterseite abgesteckt. In der Zwischenzeit spielen sich interessante Entwicklungen beim ETH-Preis und bei den DeFi-assets ab.

BTC - Sandwichposition (Sep. 2020)

DeFi ist ein ...