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Venus Protocol (short "Venus")

Venus Protocol (short "Venus")

Venus Protocol (short "Venus") is an algorithmic-based money market system designed to bring a complete decentralized finance-based lending and credit system onto Binance Smart Chain. Venus...



DeFi (Dezentralized Finance :-)

DeFi (Dezentralized Finance :-)
Love it or Hate it

Money and finance have been around in one form or the other since the dawn of human civilization. Crypto is just the latest digital avatar. In upcoming years, we might see every financial service that we use...

TVL (Binance Smart Chain), April 2021Chart: Total ...

Mirror Protocol (MIR)

Mirror Protocol
The new way of Purchasing Tokenized Assets (Stocks, Cryptos, etc.)?

What are Mirrored Assets? (short Definition on >> MIR is the governance token of Mirror Protocol, a synthetic assets protocol built by Terraform Labs (TFL) on...

Mirror (April 2021), Strong Stuff (NO ADVICE!)

...the Terra blockchain.


Binance coin > 350 BUSD (US-Dollar ;-)

Binance coin (BNB) > 350 BUSD (US-Dollar ;-)

I am a Binance-token (BNB) buyer since many quarters and I am holding BNBs for some years already ( = Disclosure). I want to give you a brief snapshot on the Status-Quo review of the current Chart-Situation:

BNB-Chart_375BUSD_5th April 2021

In these two charts the status of the ...

Bitcoin-path until July 2021 (?)

Bitcoin-path until July 2021 (?)
Status now: 24th March 2021

Dear visitors! Bitcoin had a fantastic run since the beginning of the year. The cryptocurrency received some boosts by Elon Musk himself over the last weeks and months. Tesla now own Bitcoins! To get some idea about...

Bitcoin_March2021_potential_evolution_untilSummer2021 this ...

Yield-Farming (PancakeSwap & AutoFarm)

Ever thought about farming some yield from your Crypto-Hodlings?

Well, that might be a risky task.
But one, which I am happy to experiment around with.

I participated in the Bull run of Binance-coins (BNB) from the year 2018 onwards until now. I held some BNB-coins, when they were...

PancakeSwap - DYOR - risky stuff!


TOP6 Crypto-Space

Krypto-Universum liegt aktuell > der 1Billionen-Dollar Schwelle

Grund genug, um zu sehen, wer sich auf den ersten Plätzen bzgl. Marktkapitalisierung so tummelt. Reminder: It is analogous to the free-float capitalization in the stock market. Market Cap = Current Price x Circulating Supply.

Bitcoin Krypto-Primus (Feb. 2021)


Stablecoins (Feb. 2021)

>> Stablecoins <<

Stablecoins are assets that have price stability characteristics that make it suitable to use as a unit of account and store of value, often pegged to a national currency. In recent months the liquidity in this market is gaining steam:

Stablecoins_history 2018_Jan2021

Currently the market cap ...

Binance coin (BNB) @ 142 US-Dollar

Binance coin

My technical target reached for the moment: which lies between 110 US-Dollar and 135 USD; Since we are still in an early inning (my best guess), many new outcomes seem possible. I will recheck the exact profit numbers of Binance within the next weeks...

Binance-coin (BNB) order to ...