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Hidden Champions (Simon + Kucher & Partners)


Aktuelle (per Aug. 2017 nachgereicht) Quelle zum Selber-Nachlesen: (.pdf)

Selbständige Suche nach dem Fonds "Lupus alpha Smaller German Champions"
(Infos zu Mittelstandsunternehmen, aber auch unbekannte-re BIG CHAMPIONS)

english presentation/version (Poland, 2008):

crazy moves on high volume (weekly candles as per 28th Aug. 2015), updated weekly

...there is an easy way to set a stop-loss after last weeks' move (hint: just around the low of the week ending 28th Aug. 2015 ;-)

There are many other crazy charts to be looked at, a tiny selection of those you can find above and down here:


Procter & Gamble ( Snapshot @ 81.91 USD, 14th July 2015 intraday)

The Procter & Gamble Co. (PG) operates in 180 countries and territories, and it’s expanding its presence in the e-commerce market. One might think as a private person one has nothing to do with Procter & Gamble, but chances are you’re contributing to its top line on a regular basis. That’s because you likely have at least one of the following products in your home: Head & Shoulders, Olay, Pantene, Gillette, Mach3, Crest, Oral-B, Vicks, Dawn, Febreeze, Gain, Tide, Always, Bounty, Charmin or Pampers. The list goes on and ...

Wells Fargo ( Snapshot @ 56.1 USD, 4th June 2015 intraday)

Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) has recovered well from the financial crisis, and maintained positive earnings throughout the period. This fact alone may intrigue many potential investors, as many believe in investing in great companies regardless of the price. However, Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing, taught that the most important aspect to consider is whether the company is trading at a discount relative to its intrinsic value. It is through a thorough fundamental analysis that the investor is able to make a ...

It could be that some of the listed semiconductor names are approaching levels for a possible outbreak to the upside (May ME 2015). A selection of some companies, filtered via the screening tool of, you can find in the list(s) below:

 selected semiconductor names

Ticker Company Industry Country
AUO AU Optronics Corp. Semiconductor - Broad Line Taiwan
TER Teradyne Inc. Semiconductor Equipment & Materials USA
BRCM Broadcom Corp. Semiconductor - Integrated Circuits USA
RMBS Rambus Inc. Semiconductor- Memory Chips USA
CRUS Cirrus ...

selected consumer goods - stocks (USA), prices & valuation metrics as per 22nd May 2015 (market close)

Ticker Company Industry Market Cap P/E Price in USD Fwd P/E PEG P/S P/B EPS past 5Y EPS next 5Y Sales past 5Y
Tyson Foods, Inc. Meat Products 17.43B 16,7 43,0 11,5 0,9 0,43 1,9 29.30% 19.00% 7.10%
International Paper Company Packaging & Containers 22.35B 23,4 53,1 12,3 1,7 0,95 4,6 -3.20% 13.95% 0.20%
Whirlpool Corp. Appliances 15.10B 22,5 192,0 12,6 1,1 0,74 ...

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Raiffeisen RESEARCH (please click on picture for free access!)

Fund Managers Holding Highest Cash Percentage Since Lehman
Posted July 14, 2015 by Joshua M Brown (a New York City-based financial advisor at Ritholtz Wealth Management)

as written by Joshua: Michael Hartnett is out with his latest Fund Manager Survey for Bank of America Merrill Lynch and it’s, ...

"how to ride a trend" - Skechers (SKX) im Jahr 2015

Vorab: Hinweis nach §34 WPHG zur Begründung möglicher Interessenkonflikte: Die Aktie, die in diesem Blogeintrag/Artikel behandelt/genannt wird, befindet sich aktuell (seit mehreren Monaten) im "Echt-Depot" von Mag. Ralph Gollner. (SKX / Skechers)

Die Linie ...

Berkshire Hathaway (Price-Book-Value)

Let us take a quick look at Warren Buffet's empire, more specific at Berkshire Hathaway’s share price and its book value, especially in these current weeks/months since the PB-relation seems interesting relative to its history.

As per 7th Sep. 2015 ...

Uwe Lang / "Börsenpfarrer" - Indikatoren (Timinghilfe), 27. Okt. 2015

Anleger müssen nur auf die Signale achten. „Börsenpfarrer“ Uwe Lang beschäftigt sich seit 45 Jahren mit den Märkten. Er hat ein System entwickelt, das Kauf- und Verkaufsignale gibt. Es geht darum, Wendepunkte an den Märkten ...

Auswahl an Aktien mit dem Siegel "Nachhaltigkeit" / "Gutes Gewissen"

Gratis-finance-ethics-Einzelaktien-Research: (Aktien-Screener)
Überblick über die 50 Global-Challenges-Index-Mitglieder:  ...

Online-Retail (2015ff)

US versus other countries (please see graph below the graph below ;-) 

US Retail Sales (up to 2014/2015)

“With e-commerce penetration at a mere 7% of U.S. retail sales (as per Q3-2015), the channel has significant room to expand,” said Edward Yruma, Jessica Schmidt, Noah Zatzkin and other Pacific ...

FANG, NOSH or SLAM ("the" 2015 stocks)

Ever heard of the famous "herd-stocks": FANG >> FB, AMZN, NFLX, Alphabet(Google), or 
NOSH >> NIKE, O'Reilly, Starbucks, Home Depot? All delivered a great outperformance versus S&P 500 in the year 2015:

FANG, NOSH (2015)
Following comparison betweeen the FANG & the NOSH ...

selected Oil stocks (US), 22nd Jan. 2016 (Chartshow - automat. updated / daily)

Phillips 66 (PSX), Occidental Petr. (OXY), National Oilwell Varco (NOV), Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD), Hess Corp. (HES), Helmerich & Payne (HP), Baker Hughes (BHI), Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) 

It will be ...

APPLE (Snapshot January 2016)

Apple vs. Big-Techs (Jan. 2016), Apple-Net Sales 2009-2015source:

Apple-Stock-Valuation @ price per stock of 93.42 USD (27th Jan. 2016)

Market Cap: USD 517.97B*
Apple - Enterprise Value/EBITDA (ttm): 6.56*
Comparison/Group Computer Hardware - Enterprise Value/EBITDA (EV/EBITDA): 6.62*
S&P 500 - ...

Amazon (2006 - 2016)
Text: Tobias Krieg; Grafiken: Mag. Ralph Gollner

Amazon wurde 1994 von Jeff Bezos gegründet, er entwickelte die Idee des elektronischen Buchhandels gemeinsam mit David E. Shaw, als Bezos in dessen Hedgefonds D.E. Shaw Group arbeitete.

Amazon (AMZN), Snapshot (Text & Grafiken); April 2016

Jeff Bezos verließ das ...

Credit Cards versus Cash
(CC vs. C)

Beginning of the end for cash? As consumers have increasingly used credit and debit cards and made purchases online and on apps, they've used less and less cash; in 2016, consumers will spend a greater amount on cards than they do with cash...

Rise of credit card payments (2002 - 2016)

...for the ...

Fast Casual (Fast Food)

"There's pressure on the fast-food industry to try and match the strides made by the fast-casual better burger providers," said Steven Buckley, chief operating officer of BurgerFi International, a burger chain launched in 2011 in an interview with 'marketwatch'.

Density of fast food restaurants in the U.S.A. (year 2016)


2015’s map of the largest company (U.S.A.)

2016's map of the largest company in each state by market cap from Broadview Networks looks much like the 2015 edition (see map here!). Apple Inc. is still the big cheese in California and ExxonMobil Corp. is king in Texas, while...

Largest Companies by Market Cap

...J.P. Morgan ...

Victoria's Secret & Co. (L Brands)

At the right price, L Brands offers investors the opportunity to own a leading company in remarkably uncrowded categories, and one with a strong record of delivering shareholder returns...

Victoria's Secret & Co. (L Brands), quick Snapshot (1st Jan. 2017)

L Brands Inc formerly known as Limited Brands, Inc., operates as a ...

Big Players, Aktionäre und Dividenden

No-Brainer? Keine Ahnung, ABER: Der Aktionär ist Miteigentümer am Unternehmen und hat Anspruch auf einen Anteil des Gewinns, der in Form einer Dividende ausgeschüttet wird. Die Dividende ist von der Ertragslage des Unternehmens abhängig...

Dividenden Texas Instruments, Apple, Microsoft (Status: März 2017)

...und ...

How to Find Wide Investment Moats the 'Easy' Way

Finding a wide investment moat is critical to investing, especially for the long term; Warren Buffett's simple-is-better philosophy extends to his ability as a teacher to take complex subject matter and turn it into something we can...

Warren Buffet (Castle and Moat Metaphor)

...all ...

OMV und Preis-Buchwert-Verhältnis

OMV: Mit dem Energiekonzern kam 1987 der erste Staatsbetrieb an die Börse. Für den Konzern war das der Auftakt für die internationale Expansion. Für das Unternehmen selbst wirkte der Gang an den Kapitalmarkt wie ein Entwicklungsturbo.

OMV / PBV 1 (2013 - 2017)

Unter dem steigenden ...

Mastercard (Ticker: MA)

Driven by global economic growth and a secular shift to electronic payments, one can believe Mastercard (ticker: MA) can grow net revenue by low double digits over the next several years. This, coupled with modest margin expansion and aggressive share buyback...

MA (Mastercard), possible market shares 2019-est.


Get used to higher Risk/Return-products...
Original Article as per 19th June 2017

Investors are expecting aggressive, unrealistic returns and higher income than may be available from the retail products they are currently invested in. That is a key conclusion from the annual Global Investment ...

Facebook (earnings review)
quick n dirty

Let's check the latest metrics in the wake of Facebook’s robust Q2-2017 results on 26th July 2017.  Its revenue increased to over USD 9 billion, up 45% versus a year ago - that is enormous growth for such a large company. But one concern is...

Facebook (Umsatz-Chart), Chartquelle:

...that ...

Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA

Die Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA ist ein international tätiges Medizintechnik- und Gesundheitsunternehmen. Der Hauptsitz liegt in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe. Gegründet wurde das Unternehmen 1912. Die Veränderung der Bevölkerungsstruktur sorgt bei Fresenius nach wie vor...

Fresenius (Chart 2008 bis Juli/August 2017)


China & its platforms
(transformation into the year 2017)

Chinese companies transformed from the year 2000 (the year, when I bought stocks for the first time) up to the year 2017 their "normal" business-models into a wide platform strategy, covering different ecosystems. How it all started:

China and its platforms (Status: 2017)


Alphabet hat sich im 1. Halbjahr (wieder) stark entwickelt

Der Technologiekonzern scheint kaum noch zu stoppen und nimmt vor allem im Suchmaschinengeschäft eine Monopolstellung ein. Das Werbegeschäft brummt. Der strukturelle Wandel ist in vollem Gange. Während die klassische...

Alphabet (Google)-Chart, 2014 - Sep 2017

...TV- und ...

What's Behind Alibaba's USD 25 Billion in Sales on Singles' Day?

Since the early 2010s, China's e-commerce giant Alibaba Group has single-handedly turned Singles' Day into the biggest shopping event by launching large-scale shopping promotions centered around 11th November. Gradually,...

Alibaba (Singles' Day Sales; 2012 - 2017) ...