China & its platforms

China & its platforms
(transformation into the year 2017)

Chinese companies transformed from the year 2000 (the year, when I bought stocks for the first time) up to the year 2017 their "normal" business-models into a wide platform strategy, covering different ecosystems. How it all started:

China and its platforms (Status: 2017)

So, companies like Amazon and China's Tencent are tough to categorize as the former engages in e-commerce, cloud-computing, logistics, and consumer electronics, while the latter provides services ranging from social media to gaming to finance and beyond.

Consider how customer expectations are shifting. As Steve Jobs famously observed, "A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them." By creating a customer-centric, unified value proposition that extends beyond what end users could previously obtain (or, at least, could obtain almost instantly from one interface), digital pioneers are bridging the openings along the value chain, reducing customers' costs, providing them with new experiences, and whetting their appetites for more.

Large Chinese players have now expanded their digital presence by 'land grabbing'

China has unique regulatory, demographic, and developmental features - particularly the simultaneity with which its economy has modernized and digitized - that are accelerating the blurring of sector borders. Still, the numbers speak for themselves and help suggest both the scale that digital ecosystems can quickly reach and the patterns likely to take hold elsewhere as ecosystem orchestrators in other countries stretch into roles approximating those played by Alibaba, Baidu, Ping An, and Tencent.

Just try to think about Alibaba and the things you know about this Chinese company. The company is playing in different fields like finance. One of the brands Alibaba has established in the meanwhile in the finance field is Alipay (a payment service company), but also in another sub-sector, namely in the finance field: Yu'E Bao can show up big with Assets under management of USD 120 billion...

Recent News/accordig to my information-sources:
Alipay, the leading chinese Online Payment Service is currently expanding with its platform into Skandinavia and follows the tourist paths. Alipay (as mentioned: the affiliate of Alibaba) has signed agreements in Finland and Sweden, as well as with the Skandinavian Tourist-association.

Similar steps have been taken by Alipay - together with partners - in Austria in the recent months.

Disclosure/Disclaimer: Ralph Gollner hereby discloses that he directly owns securities of the companies mentioned in the article: Alibaba, Baidu and Amazon as per 25th September 2017.

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