Fast Casual (Fast Food)

Fast Casual (Fast Food)

"There's pressure on the fast-food industry to try and match the strides made by the fast-casual better burger providers," said Steven Buckley, chief operating officer of BurgerFi International, a burger chain launched in 2011 in an interview with 'marketwatch'.

Density of fast food restaurants in the U.S.A. (year 2016)

BurgerFi has used technology not only to drive sales, but for labor efficiency purposes, helping to speed up the guest experience and allow workers to spend more time with customers.

"You have technology, which people think is impersonal, but it allows you to focus more on guest interaction," said Buckley. Rather than opening up an opportunity to cut staff, Buckley said using technology is a way to "redeploy labor into the rest of the restaurant."

Therefore, Mc Donald's might still have - after a fabulous run in the last 15 years - quite an interesting future ahead of itself, "Status Quo" here:

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