Biotech (9th July 2018)

Biotech (9th July 2018)

When investors think of biotech stocks, visions of Amgen (AMGN) and Gilead (GILD) tend to dance in their heads. These companies aren't just among the biggest in the business - they're also a couple of the most successful in terms of revenue and...

Biotech (selected companies as per July 2018)

...profits. However, as the old adage goes, the best things often come in small packages. Smaller biotechnology companies can and often do offer better growth prospects. In the table above I added some other Biotech-companies to the two Goliaths (AMGN, GILD) including some interesting metrics.

But always be aware: Too many biotech companies are only chasing a dream, while others are thinking too conservatively. Still others are undercapitalized, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with far bigger, better-armed outfits. There are plenty of reasons not to step into a particular biotechnology firm....

But the future looks promising for some Biotech-companies!