One of the "real" competitors of Warren Buffet's Investment vehicle "Berkshire Hathaway" delivers astonishing performance-results (Buffet-competitor 2). In the year 1986 you were able to buy 120 stocks (of the Buffet-competitor 2) for a total of 1,000...

Buffety Soleti (hard working, BUT: good times over?), Status: April 2018

...US-Dollar. If you were able to follow a Buy&Hold-Strategy, these 120 stocks would be pretty valuable by now: ca. 123,000 US-Dollar. That sums up to a total-plus of > 12,000% and outperforms the broad US-Stock Market (S&P-500) by far - and even Berkshire Hathaway (Buffety Soleti).

Data: Thomson Reuters Datastream

Question for you to be solved: Who are these 2 competitors in the chart above?
Tip: Each of the two companies is listed on the stock exchange...