Get used to higher Risk/Return-products...

Get used to higher Risk/Return-products...
Original Article as per 19th June 2017

Investors are expecting aggressive, unrealistic returns and higher income than may be available from the retail products they are currently invested in. That is a key conclusion from the annual Global Investment Survey (GIS) conducted by Legg Mason.

According to the survey, income investors seek an overall average rate of return of 8.64 percent. Respondents that are employed seek an even greater 9.27 percent - compared to only 6.22% among the "fully-retired". Yet their portfolios are not delivering at these levels: U.S. respondents claim to achieve a 7.44 percent average rate of return on their income producing investments, with the overall global reported claim being 5.67 percent.

"The gap between the comfortably high retirement income investors want - and many have come to expec - and what markets may deliver has widened, and may grow," said Thomas Hoops, Executive Vice President and Head of Product & Business Development for Legg Mason.

"Historically 'safe,' low-risk income-generating bonds and higher yielding dividend stocks will likely not deliver the same total return as investors have enjoyed over the past few decades," Mr. Hoops said.


"To get closer to investors' stated income objectives, and needs, investors must be willing to look beyond traditional bond portfolios created solely within their home market.


That requires greater diversification and may mean targeting emerging markets, Europe and Asia, as well as accepting some decreased liquidity and more volatility."