Goldminer-Purchase (just my idea)


I just had this idea of "repurchasing" a former Goldminer-Stock Holding (Gold Royalties-stock to be more precise) of mine. Following a podcast, where I listended to Stephanie Kelton. Keyword: Modern Monetary Theory (aka MMT)...

FNV (R. Gollner, trade), year 2020

...Circa one hour ago I purchased some stocks of that company shown in the chart above. Also the current technical situation looks fine to me. I am satisfied with my Buy of the day >> even if one were to think about a potential Stop-Loss sale, if my theory would not work out. In that case the MA-200 lines are just near the 133-USD level or so.

Down to that level it would take a Dip of around 10% - 12% Minus from here.

I could live with that sudden drop - if it happened at all.

cheers & so long