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Dow Jones might look juicy (to me)

Dow Jones might look juicy (to me)

I really like the pattern, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (Index consisting of only 30stocks) built over the last 2years. It seems to me, that momentum is building up and that might lead to some more upward moves. No Financial Advice!

Dow Jones - triangle - potential sustainable breakout (Q4-2023)

If the "DOW" is capable of keeping up that momentum during December or at least during the 1st quarter of the upcoming year - the levels which can be seen in the following chart might even be attainable within the next 12 to 18 months. I am speaking about Index-levels of 39,000 points or even 42,600.

Important to mention, that I seldom use the Measured Move approach in finding certain targets for Price-movements, so in this case I used the analysis of Bofa Global Research (Bank of America Global Research):

For all GERMAN-speaking readers, there is an easy and quick article on how to make ones own Measured Move-analysis. It's pretty easy and also very well explained in this online-article by FAZ:

I want to end this posting by mentioning the red line in the first chart above: If -for any reason- the DOW should fall back below 34,000 or even 33,000 points, the 200day-Moving Average (red line) might give support for a potential bounceback.