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Dow Jones well above 23.2k (Status: Oct. 2018)

Dow Jones Industrial Average
(in the box until Jan. 2019?)

Following the recent turmoil in the (global) markets, one should re-assess the Status Quo (BIG PICTURE) for the leading, most well known Index on a broader Timeline (here from Q2-2015 onwards):

Dow Jones (magic 23.2; Status: Q4-2018)

Let's focus on this box (the shaded area = framing the Q4-2018 for the DOW between the index level of 23.2k and 26.95k) for the upcoming weeks. As long the DOW stays in the grey-shaded box I feel no obligation to execute further erratic sales of single stock-positions in my portfolio. But well, depending on the quick daily movements (aka Momentum) within the upcoming weeks I might have to re-test my emotional biases in order to stick to this plan...

Ralph Gollner