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Dow Jones Industrial Average (04/2013-11/2016)

Dow Jones Industrial Average
(04/2013 - 24th Nov. 2016)

It could be, that the Dow Jones Industrial Average says goodbye to 15k forever?? Could it be?

Dow Jones IA (April 2013 - Nov. 2016)

Well, the monthly Trading-Volume may have reached its medium-term-bottom hovering at a level of ca. 1.7bn per month. From here onwards the Dow Jones IA may even try to attack the round (psychological important) level of 20k?! But what we can also see in the chart above: At an index-level of ca. 17,750 there seems to be high interest in "buying the dips" (see long volume-bar by price / red horizontal bars on the left side of the chart).

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