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Dow Jones Ind. Average near 20k

Dow Jones Industrial Average near 20,000

The Dow Jones Industrial Average came within a third of a point of hitting 20,000 for the first time ever. On Friday afternoon (6th Jan. 2017), the Dow hit 19,999.63, its highest point of all time.

Dow Jones Industrial Average 20,000 points (Nov. 2016 - 10th Jan. 2017), tool: guidants; Chart erstellt von Mag. Ralph Gollner

The strong rally to close the week followed the release of the final jobs report of 2016. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded its 75th consecutive month of employment gains - the longest streak since 1939. The rate of non-farm job creation slowed for December 2016, with about 156,000 jobs added compared to a November sum of 204,000 and the December 2015 total of 271,000.

The Dow closed the week on 6th Jan. 2017 at 19,963.80, a nearly 200-point rally over the four-day trading week.