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Dow Jones hits another milestone (25k-level)

Dow Jones hits another milestone, climbing over the 25,000-hurdle!

The Dow reached 24,000 points on 30th Nov. 2017, just 23 trading days "ago". Stocks have climbed since then as investors hoped the Republican-backed tax package would boost company profits this year. The law cuts the...

Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting another milestone (25k)

... U.S. corporate tax rate substantially. The Dow broke through five 1,000-point milestones in 2017, on its way to a 25% gain for the year (2017).

Meanwhile business activity in the 19-country eurozone reached its highest level in almost seven years. That's based on a survey of manufacturing and services companies. One of the reasons stocks have done so well over the last year is the improved health of the global economy as European countries and both developing and advanced nations around the world experience better growth after years of struggles.