S&P 500 (Sub-) Sector IT (magic 1k)

S&P 500 (Sub-) Sector IT and the 1,000 points-level

Since Wed., 16th Aug. 2017, the IT-SubSector-Index is fighting to hold the 1,000 - level - as can be seen in the following graph. A pretty tough fight may be carried out in the months of September and October 2017.

S&P 500 IT-Sector (magic 1k - level), Sep. 2017

If the index should fall below its level of 887 points in the upcoming months, some of the IT-Heavyweights could fall below their medium-term Uptrend(line)s. Relevant companies would then be Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Alphabet, Visa, Intel, Cisco, Oracle or Mastercard.

Let's see what the last month of Q3-2017 and the first month of Q4-2017 will bring for the markets.