Fear & Greed (#3 "EXTREME FEAR")

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Fear & Greed Index (#3 "EXTREME FEAR")

Fear in the markets reached an extremely low level. Investor-Sentiment is therefore pretty negative; Below i tried to give you a chronological timeline of how the sentiment transformed into the current FEAR-Status...

Fear and Greed Index (21st Dec. 2018)

...over the last months. Chronological Wrap-up on Investor-Sentiment (7 Fear&Greed Indicators): Since Wednesday, 19th Dec. 2018, ALL 7 Sub-Indicators reached their "EXTREME FEAR"-level.

19th Dec. 2018:

The last Indicator which switched form Fear to "EXTREME FEAR" was the "Market Volatility"-Indicator.

6th Dec. 2018:

The Put and Call Options Indicator switched from Fear to "EXTREME FEAR" on that day.

3th Dec. 2018:

3 other Sub-indicators switched to "EXTREME FEAR"-mode on that day.


Before the 19th Dec. 2018 the "EXTREME FEAR"-level versus Other-Sentiment levels-ratio was 5 vs. 2 (The sub-indicators "Stock Price Breadth" and "Market Momentum" reached their "EXTREME FEAR"-level already back in the first weeks of October 2018 and stayed at that low level since!)

Besides several other reasons, the FEAR-level (low sentiment over several weeks & months) in the last months was also a reason why I (felt forced to reduce) reduced my Stocks-Investment-exposure in the last weeks and months...

cheers Ralph

link/a great -short- explanation "how the Fear&Greed Index works":