Buyback volume (ca. USD 1 trillion!)

USD 1 trillion
Buyback volume

Companies in the S&P 500 will likely authorize a record USD 1 trillion in stock buybacks in 2018, according to an estimate released by Goldman Sachs in the first week of August. Buyback announcements have surged...

US share buyback activity (USD 1 trn authorized) USD 754 billion so far this year, and the bank said that the corporate tax cuts and strong cash flow have played the most relevant role in the increase. If the current trend holds, authorised buybacks will rise 46% this year compared to 2017.

Let's also keep in mind that the current S&P 500 Market Cap is at a current level of ca. USD 23.9 trillion. Therefore a buyback volume of USD 1 trn could buy up more than ca. 4,1% of the total "stock-pile" in the S&P 500!