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Seth Klarman and Goldman Sachs (versus GS)

Seth Klarman and Goldman Sachs (versus GS)

He went on doing his own thing...
Seth Klarman is a value investor and Portfolio Manager of the investment partnership The Baupost Group. Founded in 1983, The Baupost Group now manages serval billion US-Dollars, and has delivered...

Seth Klarman (USD billions Management)
Seth Klarman Total Holding History (Assets in USD bn)

...high returns since their inception. Seth Klarman is the author of the book "Margin of Safety" which sells for over USD 1,000. Mr. Klarman attended Cornell University where he received a degree in economics, and later attended Harvard University where he earned an M.B.A.

It really paid off for him and his clients - so far!

An interesting remark of him on GOLDMAN SACHS:

"When I was graduating business school there was a huge peer pressure to go to an investment bank. The goal of every single person in my class 82 HBS seemed to be working for Goldman Sachs. When I looked around and I had those interviews to see what everybody else was so excited about, and you looked at the partners, I thought there was huge information there, that the partners were basically a 100% male, almost a 100% divorced, almost a 100% fat and almost a 100% bald, and that didn't seem like something to give away your best 10 or 15 years, and then you'd be so lucky as to join that group..."