Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, etc.)

Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, etc.)

Just for Info; HIGH (!!) RISK; At approximately 10:20 a.m. Eastern time on Thursday (2nd March 2017), the price of Bitcoin climbed to USD 1,241.30 which was an all-time high for the digital currency. At the same time, the spot price of gold sat...

Total market cap Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin & Co.), 5th March 2017

chart-source: about USD 1,241.25 per ounce. Equally as interesting is the fact that bitcoin surpassed the USD 20 billion market capitalization mark on the same day as well. Compared to the market caps of each of the S&P 500-components all Cryptocurrencies taken together would end up in the middle of the field:


The current Market Capitalisation of BITCOIN alone now amounts to ca. USD 20.6 billion.

Disclosure/Disclaimer: Ralph Gollner hereby discloses that he directly owns some of the securities mentioned above (as per 6th March 2017): Certificates which trace the Bitcoin-price.