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"[Cryptocurrencies] are unlikely to disappear completely and could easily survive in varying forms and shapes among players who desire greater decentralization, peer-to-peer networks and anonymity, even as the latter is under threat," the report said, adding...

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...that the underlying technology could have the greatest application in area where current payment systems are slow.

JPMorgan Chase said the biggest challenges ahead for digital currencies is that it will be extremely hard for them to displace and compete with government-issued currencies, "as dollars to euros and yuan are virtual natural monopolies in their regions and will not easily give up their seigniorage profits."

In October, 2017 a month after calling bitcoin a "fraud," JP Morgen-CEO Jamie Dimon blasted the digital currency again at the Institute of International Finance conference, saying, "If you’re stupid enough to buy it, you will pay the price for it one day."

But in January 2018, Dimon backpedaled his previous comments in an interview with FOX Business' Maria Bartiromo saying he regrets making those statements and admits that "blockchain is real."