AAII Investor Sentiment bullish < 16%

 AAII-Bulls reading < 16%
(14th April 2022)

US Investor Sentiment, % Bullish is an indicator that is a part of the AAII Sentiment Survey. It indicates the percentage of investors surveyed that had a bullish outlook on the market. An investor that is bullish, will primarily think that...

AAII Sentiment Bullish Low April 2022

...the market will head higher in the next six months. One of the highs of the bullish survey was in 2000 during the technology boom. This sentiment indicator reached 75% during that time frame.

Most recent reading as per 14th April 2022:
Bullish sentiment, expectations that stock prices will rise over the next six months, decreased by 8.9 percentage points to 15.8%, compared to 24.71% last week and 56.91% last year. This is lower than the long term average of 37.89%. Furthermore: Bullish sentiment fell to its lowest level since September 1992! This week's bullish sentiment ranks among the 10 lowest (!) in the survey's history.

Historical Recap:
The results from the latest AAII Sentiment Survey show optimism among individual investors falling to a level not seen in nearly 30 years! Meanwhile, both neutral and bearish sentiment rose. This is among the 10 lowest readings in the survey’s history, which dates back to 1987. Optimism was last lower on 4th September 1992 (14.0%).

Bullish sentiment is below its historical average of 38.0% for the 21st consecutive week and is at an unusually low level (below 27.9%) for the 11th time out of the last 14 weeks.