1954, -58, -85, -89 (S&P 500 in 2020?)

years 1954, -58, -85, -89 (S&P 500 in 2020?)
US-Stock Market History

With an open mind and the current FED-Policy one even has to think about the "unthinkable". Let's take a look at similar  historical "Advance/Decline Breadth"-Trends on a monthly basis and the year after - the...

year 1989
Stock Market in the year 1989
In the year 1989 an investment of USD 10k would have gone up to USD 12,899

 ...same occurence like we were just experiencing now in Q4-2019.

year 1985

 year 1958

...and last but not least, one of the first "easy" years of Mr. Buffet, 1954:

Charts created by Ralph Gollner via

"based on the analysis of two consecutive monthly breadth closes above upper Bollinger Bands"

Check out the basis for these chosen years/charts: