Binance coin > 350 BUSD (US-Dollar ;-)

Binance coin (BNB) > 350 BUSD (US-Dollar ;-)

I am a Binance-token (BNB) buyer since many quarters and I am holding BNBs for some years already ( = Disclosure). I want to give you a brief snapshot on the Status-Quo review of the current Chart-Situation:

BNB-Chart_375BUSD_5th April 2021

In these two charts the status of the BNB-price evolution is clearly supported by the hourly average (99periods). I am currently thinking about adding some more BNB to my position.

In the next chart one can clearly seen some more volume-driven action within the last days and hours. The BNB-token really took off again at the End of March 2021, when a medium-downtrend reached its end and the Binance-coin pushed upwards without a stop. 

I also want to add two links at the end of this posting in order to give you some insight, what's going on in the Binance-ecosystem. A hands-on explanation on Staking on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and a journey to Decentralization: Validators and Delegators.

Since I am also engaged in "delegating" my BNB-tokens I am happy to receive some Staking-Rewards along the way :-)