NASDAQ-100 July Seasonality (2015)

NASDAQ-100 July (2015)

If one leaves aside the Efficient Market Hypothesis and knows about seasonal patterns, July may be an interesting month for NASDAQ (-100) – Investors.

According to the statistics from over the last 20 years (up to Dec. 2014) following historic averages can be retrieved for that month:

Monthly Averages over past 20 years (up to Dec. 2014):

% Return in July: +1.4%
Gain Frequency: 60%
Max Return: +14.8% (in the year 1997)
Min Return: -7,8% (in the year 2004)

The Chance-VS.-Risk-relation looking at the historic average-returns looks favorable +14.8/-7.8. After a decent Half-Year- start into the year 2015 the month of July 2015 may be an interesting starting point for Investments into some NASDAQ-100 stocks.

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