Extreme Poverty ( "1.25 USD threshold" )

Affordable living for the majority
(on the right path?)

Please recheck the evolution over the last decades:

I guess globally (!) we are taking steps in the right direction, time will tell how fast we can push these developments forward!!

Measuring poverty

Measuring poverty is difficult because it requires making a sharp distinction between those who are and aren't considered poor. So when we see that global extreme poverty is going down, it is natural to ask ourselves: Are these reductions produced by a definition of "extreme" poverty which is too low?

Well, fact is: The global poverty rate has been going down in recent years, and this is true independently of whether we set the poverty line at USD 1.90 or USD 10 dollars per day.

Of course, high levels of 'poor populations' are unfortunately still very common in many countries, and in many parts of the world we are not making the progress needed. But what is clear is that it is very much possible to reduce poverty.