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Travis Rice (Pro Snowboarder) on RISK

Travis Rice (Pro Snowboarder) on RISK

Travis is known for being the best snowboarder in the world. But what makes him really special is that he is an innovator, a risk taker, a visionary, the star of the most progressive action sports film ever made (The Art of Flight).

Quote: "[You] should not be out there to break yourself up"

He's a bold and creative leader in his crowded and noisy industry.

Some take-aways from Travis Rice:

_be bold – as in snowboarding risk is a part of the game
_be different – build your own way down the mountain (as Travis did with SuperNatural)
_get used to hearing "no" when they say your idea is "crazy"… you’re probably on the right path
_protect what you believe in– know when to be the one saying "no" to opportunities that are not the right fit.
_life is long– the amount of things you can create, learn and share in a lifetime is massive !


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