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Risk from election day until inauguration day

Risk from Election day until Inauguration day
(Dow Jones in the upcoming period: 9th Nov. 2016 - 20th Jan. 2017)

Dow Jones Industrial Average Closing was at ca. 18,333 points on the election-day (8th Nov. 2016). If we had to experience a minus 6%-move like we did from Nov. 2000 - Jan. 2001...

Risk from Election day until Inauguration day (Nov. 2016 - Feb. 2017)

... while expecting George Bush Junior as the new president that time, this would then take the Stock-Index down to 17.189 points (ca. 17,200 points). As information-backup we should remember that the INTRA-NIGHT low (NIGHT as per CET) during the "out of regular trading-hours" was marked at ca. 17,470 in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. In the following Overview ONLY the very negative or slightly positive AFTERMATH-periods were selected (Attention: "selective perception" ;-)

link about history (election day until inauguration since 1928):