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Fibonacci & Warren Buffet (age 14 - 83)

Fibonacci & Warren Buffet (age 14 - 83)

Below the Fibo-Formula the normal wealth effect is displayed through the lifetime of Warren Buffet (started with the age of 14 until the "current" age of 83) if applied via consistent Fibonacci-series. Mr. Buffet was one of the few who managed to...

Golden Ratio (Calculator, Golden Spiral)

...use that natural power. The Golden Ratio or phi is a ratio in which if you take a line and cut it in 2 parts, the ratio of the larger part to the smaller part is the same as to the ration of the original line to the larger part. phi is estimated to be 1.618...

Fibonacci numbers and golden ratios show up in pinecones, pineapples, flower petals, leaves on trees, and perhaps even make an appearance in the proportioning of the human body.

Remark regarding following graphs (linear and log.): What is fascinating, that the Fibo-Curve really takes off (also for Warren Buffet), once he has reached his 47th birthday, meaning he already invested for over 33 years at that time! The years before that age seem nearly irrelevant which is not that case - of course - as can be seen in the 2nd graph below (log-graph):

We should be a little careful here, however. Some of these facts could certainly be purely coincidental-in particular those about human anatomy. But the Fibonacci numbers and Fibonacci spirals appear so frequently in nature that it seems these relationships must, at least in some cases, be a byproduct of some fundamental properties of biology-in other words, of life itself!

Furthermore, the Golden Ratio is used to create the most aesthetically pleasing figures.