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Worst start ever into a new year...

History recap of the 1st trading-week of the year 2016

For the 1st week in 2016, the S&P 500 fell 6 %, the Dow Jones Industrial Average shed 6.2 % and the Nasdaq Composite tumbled even 7.3 % (in only 5 days).

US Stocks start into 2016

It was the worst start to a year for the S&P 500 on record. S&P 500 components, a wide-ranging group of large US companies, shed more than USD 1 trillion on market value this week, according to data from Bloomberg.

The FTSE All-World index has lost a total of 6.1 % the same week, making it the worst five-day start to a new year since at least 1994, when the index was established, and the worst week overall since 2011. More than USD 2.3 trillion was lopped off the index as China’s slowing economy and currency depreciations spooked investors around the world, leading to the worst start to a year for markets in at least two decades.

My conclusion: maybe we just have the worst of the year behind us?...but the tricky summer-season is also set to arrive before the US-elections are finally coming up in November 2016! The whole year will turn out to be a "busy season"!

graphs (Financial Times): http://www.ft.com