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Sector Sesonality Oct. (2015) up to June (2016)

Sector Seasonalities (refocus Oct. up to June)

Following the history of seasonalities up to May 2012 (15yrs-history) each market-sector has its "season" to stay LONG (buy & hold stocks) or short ( = "better reduce ones exposure in equities of these sectors during that period").

sector seasonality full year table (up to 2012)
"History does not repeat itself but it may rhyme" (Mark Twain); data source:

My personal ranking from October up to June:

SOX Semiconductor (LONG up to December)
XTC Telecom (L up to December)
XCI Computer Tech (L up to January)
IIX Internet (L up to January)
RXH Healthcare Providers (L up to January)
DRG Pharmaceutical (L up to January)
MSH High-Tech (L up to January)
UTY Utilities (L up to January)
RXP Healthcare Products (L up to February)
BTK Biotech (L up to March)
XBD Broker/Dealer (L up to April)
DJT Transports (L up to May)
CYC Cyclical (L up to May)
RMZ Real Estate (L up to May)
BKX Banking (L up to May)
S5MATR Materials (L up to May)
CMR Consumer (L up to June)