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S&P 500 & Moving Averages (28, 30, 38)

S&P 500
Historical Snapshot (2nd Half year 2017)

In theory, "the trend is your friend", in reality, it's only "until the bend at the end". Currently the index-support in the S&P 500 - marked by the latest EMA-30 (daily) reading would be @ 3,266 points. Calculating from...

WMA38 SnP500 2nd half 2017

...the status of ca. 3,367 points at the moment, we would still have a wiggle-room of ca. 3%.

Nice cushion - for the moment...HISTORY is a great place to look for, to see how that Index is "working" (in an upmove-environment).

No need to panic (yet) ;-)

Until a BLACK SWAN comes over us...