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Cryptocurrency-Exchange (Volume)


Coinbase and Binance might be the most well known Cryptoexchanges as per June 2018; As most people know: Cryptocurrencies can be traded through cryptocurrency exchanges. These cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms through...

5 largest Crypto Exchanges (June 2018)

...which you can purchase or sell digital currencies for dollars, euros, and pounds, as well as other digital assets. For example, you can sell bitcoins and purchase dollars with the sold bitcoins, or you could exchange bitcoins for ether.

These exchanges are a vital part of the virtual currency expansion rate. Currently Binance is the predominant Cryptocurrency-Exchange, when talking about trading volume (see diagram above).

Disclaimer/Disclosure: Ralph Gollner hereby discloses that he directly owns Binance coins, as per 28th June 2018.

Disclaimer/Hinweis nach §34 WPHG zur Begründung möglicher Interessenkonflikte: Binance coins befinden sich aktuell im "Echt-Depot" von Mag. Ralph Gollner - per 28. Juni 2018.