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DeFi, what else? (April 2021 vs. March 2020)

DeFi, what else?

"Coinbureau" is such a great treasure for every Average-Joe out there >> To learn for free anything you want to know about Crypto and Digital assets. Already in March 2020 Coinbureau was crazy about Dezentralized Finance:

Please listen to the video-section above (I earmarked the Video for your from Minute 12 onwards)

As we now know (April 2021) Coins, especially Governance Tokens from the DeFi-Space (Decentzalized Finance) were on a tear during the last quarters producing insane Performance for their holders since Q2-2020.

Reminder: The video above went on air in March of 2020 ! The fundmanetals in DeFi were so interesting, that that niche was growing from ca. 800 Mio. US-Dollar (TVL = Total Value Locked) in March 2020 up to over 60 billion US-Dollar within the last weeks of April 2021:

HOT and Risky ;-)

 Well, we better stay tuned :-)

p.s. Ralph is a big supporter of some of the projects on the Binance Smart Chain (aka BSC). On the BSC many new DeFi projects were started in Q4-2020 and are "competing" somehow with other projects on other Chains. I am especially following projects like PancakeSwap or PancakeBunny, etc. (incl. my own Skin In The Game).

additional link (chronological developments / Article here from Nov. 2020):