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Bitcoin (Magic Fibo-levels), March 2018

"Magic Fibo-levels" for the (near?) future

9.200 points @ 23.6%-Fibonacci-level, 11.230 @ 38.2%-level, 12.880 @ 50%-level, 14.540 @ 61.8%-level. Sustainable breaks to the upside -a break of each level- needed, if a further rise can be anticipated...Please also check the Moving...

Bitcoin ( "magic" Fibo-levels, Status: 4th March 2018)

...Average -potential support line- if needed (SMA 28-weeks given in the weekly updated chart above). Btw.: one should always have a look at the downtrend-line and a potential sustainable break to the upside, which occured in the most recent days...(Status: 4th March 2018). Please -THEREFORE- also take a look at the "BIG PICTURE" given in the link below!


BIG Picture (Status: 3rd March 2018)