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Commodities Index

Commodities Index (1981 - 2016)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Thomson Reuters/Core Commodity CRB Index; Comment in "gold" by Clive Maund:

CRB Index (up to Jan. 2016), comment by Clive MaundThe Thomson Reuters/Core Commodity CRB Index (TR/CC CRB) is a commodity futures price index. It was first calculated by Commodity Research Bureau, Inc. in 1957 and made its inaugural appearance in the 1958 CRB Commodity Year Book.

Currently the index is made up of 19 commodities as quoted on the NYMEX, CBOT, LME, CME and COMEX exchanges. These are sorted into 4 groups, each with different weightings. These groups are:

♦ Petroleum based products (based on their importance to global trade, always make up 33% of the weightings)
♦ Liquid assets
♦ Highly liquid assets
♦ Diverse commodities.

The 19 commodities are: Aluminum, Cocoa, Coffee, Copper, Corn, Cotton, Crude Oil, Gold, Heating Oil, Lean Hogs, Live Cattle, Natural Gas, Nickel, Orange Juice, Silver, Soybeans, Sugar, Unleaded Gas and Wheat. The tenth revision of the index renamed it the Thomson Reuters/Core Commodity CRB Index, or TR/CC CRB.