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Blockchain Transactions (Number and Volume)

Blockchain Transactions
(Number and Volume)

Bitcoin Transactions# and USD-Volume (eventually NVT Ratio)
♦ Daily Transactions (please find the "Live-Counter" under following link: )
♦ Recheck also the USD volume transmitted through the blockchain since "its launch"

BTC transactions (Jan. 2016 - 22nd Dec. 2017), Expon. Moving Average

>>> USD volume as per 22nd Dec. 2017: 3,883,534,990 (ca. 3,99bn)
>> USD volume as per 5th March 2017: 381,747,467 (ca. 381mn)

=> factor 10 within less than 10 months !!

links: Recheck a possible valuation - indicated her by the NVT Ration (Network Value to Transactions Ratio)