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Bitcoin-path until July 2021 (?)

Bitcoin-path until July 2021 (?)
Status now: 24th March 2021

Dear visitors! Bitcoin had a fantastic run since the beginning of the year. The cryptocurrency received some boosts by Elon Musk himself over the last weeks and months. Tesla now own Bitcoins! To get some idea about...

Bitcoin_March2021_potential_evolution_untilSummer2021 this journey will go on on to which planets this travel my lead (moon, or even Mars?) I wanted to take a look at the bigger picture and also in a more medium-term manner. As you can see in my chart above I am keen on looking at the price-chart from two perspectives: The more bullish sight and the little bit more bearish stance.

Personally I really don't care, of Bitcoin will drop down to 43k or go up to 60k in the next two months or so. I feel it is important that Bitcoin can digest the crazy news about Adoption by Wall Street, potential SEC-clearance for so-called "Bitcoin-ETFs", and all the Buzz pro & contra from -former- Big Shots on Wall Streets. Some of them certainly better stay in their circle of competence before making comments about an asset, which might have the potential to save the wealth of certain people.

My conclusion from the chart above:

Until July 2021 I am pretty relaxed if Bitcoin really stays in the corridor of (max.) 75k and above the lower level of ca. 41k US-Dollar. If anything else happens, I might write an update here on my blog and upload a fresh chart.

Until then:
Stay save, enjoy the ride - but ALWAYS keep an eye on your RISK-Management ;-)