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Cloud and some Cloud-companies (June 2020)

Cloud and some Cloud-companies

The Covid-19 crisis accelerated the short-term and medium-term push towards Cloud-computing. It can be seen immediately when spotting the Bessemer Venture Partners "Cloud Index" (timeframe: 16th March until 15th June):

BVP Nasdaq Emerging Cloud Index (Status: 15th June 2020)

The upcoming quarter (Q3-2020) will show, how sustainable the push in the valuations in many companies in that Universe really is. Many of the following companies are part of the real core of the Cloud-push, still some valuations are really, really high in my eyes. I like to focus on so-called Net-Retention-Rates and compare these with the Price-Sales ratios of each company. Many of the corporations stated in the "CLOUD" below carry a double-digit PS-ratio Valuation. Amazing, isn't it?

Definitely, the revolution or at least evolution is on now - let's see how fast the wheel is spinning and gaining traction. Let's find out how fast those companies can grow and still deliver high-quality products and services to their clients.

Currently the growth of most companies in that area is sheer unbelievable and breathtaking. Their valuations and stock-prices are skyrocketing as per Status: 18th June 2020.