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10Year-Treasury-Yield vs. Dow Jones (Ind. Average)

US 10Year Treasury-Yield vs. Dow Jones (Ind. Average)

According to Bill Gross, a famous long-term bond investor, yields are likely to climb to at least 2.7 percent by year-end 2018. The driving forces include global economic growth, the U.S. Federal Reserve raising its benchmark rate and...

US 10year Treasury-Yield versus Dow Jones (June 2016 - 12th Jan. 2018)

...other central banks reducing quantitative easing policies of buying sovereign debt to repress rates.

We will see, if the yield can rise -relative to the Dow Jones Industrial Average (US Stock Market-Index)- in tandem or if there will be any big interuptions on the way to the final month of the year: December 2018. In the chart above you can see a Tandem-comparison between the performance of the US-Stock Market (here the Dow Jones Ind. Average) versus the US 10-year-yield from June 2016 onwards.

To give you another perspective >> In the next chart you see the same comparison from the time period US-Independence day 2016 (4th July) until January 2018; Here the 10 year Treasuries are still far in the lead...

You can stay tuned via following the shown Rolling-3-Year Chart below (daily updated) of the US 10year-yield versus the Dow Jones Industrial Average (US Stock Market, Large Caps) here:

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