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World GDP / "World-Stock-Market"

World GDP / "World-Stock-Market"

It remains most important to keep the idea of worldwide diversification in mind, as global growth remains most of the time positive yoy (see Figure 1):

Global Growth (GDP), source: AtKearney (2014-2020)

Too often one can see that private investors are concentrating their investments in one region, sometimes even only in their home-country (Home-Bias). This leads to high risk, sometimes also to high outcome. If one is aware of that fact, it's your choice.

China and India will certainly play a dominant role in the 21st century. Therefore - as mentioned - one should also focus on the global picture. In the chart below one can see the performance of a globally investing ETF and its performance from May 2013 up to 30th Nov. 2015 (intraday). As global GDP was growing year over year - also the ETF managed a good performance over the last 2year-period (2 years being a very short period, better: 5 to 10 years for the individual investor! maybe even more ;-)

Global ETF (just an example), Ralph Gollner (Nov. 2015)