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XLF (Financial Sector / FInancial Sector-ETF)

XLF (Financial Sector ETF)
(Nov. 2012 - 18th Nov. 2016)

The Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund tracks an index of S&P 500 financial stocks, weighted by market cap. XLF offers liquid exposure to the heavyweights in the US Financials segment. Check out the breakout this month:

XLF - Financial ETF (11/2012 - 18th Nov. 2016)

Its cap-weighted S&P 500-only portfolio means that it's concentrated in large banks and avoids small-caps. XLF is large and massively liquid, far outpacing its peers in trading volume. For many investors and traders, XLF is the go-to ETF for financials exposure, although there are more comprehensive funds out there for long-term exposure.

As per 18th Nov. 2016 the number of holdings in the ETF was 92 companies, the Dividend yield ca. 2.3% and the Price/Book-ratio of the holdings on average 1.11. 

The daily updated (monthly) chart can be tracked here:

Note: XLF spun off its real estate exposure in Sept. 2016, consistent with the GICS reclassification that elevated real estate to sector-level status. The change was material: Real estate comprised about 20% of the fund at the time.