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US-Market & Non-US (Rest of World)

US-Market and Non-US (Rest of World)

US-Markets had their final hooray in the tailwind-environment of Mr. Trump (election-month November 2016). Maybe it's time for the Rest of the world to start their Stock-Market Gains? sustainable Gains?

VEI and VTI (ETFs) in the period: 2007 - April 2017

Well, I used the two different ETFs "VEU and VTI" to show the different development -before the crisis in 2008- and through the period 2009 until April 2017. Especially, please focus on my parameter used: INFLATION ADJUSTED.

Stock Markets were - in the eyes of the broad audience - a mere method to fight against inflation from the year 2007 until 2017. At least: NO MONEY WAS lost, if one held ones stocks from 2007 until April 2017. Remark/Reminder: All ETFs are shown in USD-terms (keep this in mind, if you are EURO-Domestic!).

To have an idea, how the global Stock-Markets are split, if one excludes the US-Stock-Market, please take a look at the geographical split of the "VEU" (this ETF is designed to track a market-cap weigthed index of large- and midcap NON-US-stocks).