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5 years NASDAQ vs. DAX vs. MDAX vs. ATX

5 years NASDAQ vs. DAX vs. M/DAX vs. ATX

One should compare apples with apples, but this is pretty hard. Just remember that each of the Indices is in local currencies. Examples: Nasdaq-stocks in USD, DAX in Euro, etc.

Still, here are the last years in retrospect
(MDAX vs. NASDAQ-Comp.)

5 years NASDAQ vs. (Kurs-)MDAX; Source:

MDAX vs. ATX vs. NASDAQ-Composite:

 MDAX vs. ATX vs. NASDAQ-Composite (recheck the FX-impact for an European Investor!):

MDAX vs. Kurs-DAX vs. ATX:

MDAX incl./excl. Dividends vs. ATX incl./excl. Dividends: