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S&P 500 Global Exposure (IT-Sector)

S&P 500 Global Exposure (IT-Sector)

Sill, the S&P 500 relies highly on the domestic economy (being the United States). But recheck the IT-Sector, but also the companies from the Industrial Sector, which have a relevant portion of their sales abroad.

S&P 500 (Aggregate Geographic Revenue Exposure), 2016, May 2017

The ongoing global recovery is especially poignant for the IT sector, as it derives a larger percentage of its revenue from international sources than any other sector (see following Figure).

As the U.S. stock market continues to press on to all-time high after all-time high, look for the IT sector to remain a driving force as companies become increasingly reliant on their technology infrastructure and consumers continue their shift to a mobile, interconnected world.