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Bremain vs. Brexit Polls (22nd June 2016)

Bremain vs. Brexit Polls (22nd June 2016)

This is just a snaphost of the last 10 individual polls regarding Bremain OR Brexit (Status: 22nd June 2016; CET 11:15):

Brexit/Bremain polls overview 22nd June 2016

BREXIT-Poll tracker*: The latest developments indicate a REMAIN-camp of 47% versus the LEAVE-camp of 45% (status as per 22nd June 2016, 11:20 p.m. CET).

*The FT poll of polls is calculated by taking the last seven polls from unique pollsters up to a given date, removing the two polls with the highest leads for 'remain' and 'leave', and calculating an adjusted average of the five remaining polls, where the more recent polls are given a higher weight.

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