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U.S. Economy Briefing (Indicators, Yardeni R.)

U.S. Economy Briefing (Indicators, Yardeni Research)

Great Long Time Series from Yardeni Research, check out also his blog:

Strong relationship between the Weekly Leading Index and the broad stock market (S&P 500)!
This can be clearly seen from 1998 - Dec. 2016:

ECRI Weekly Leading Index versus S&P 500 (1998 - Dec. 2016)

US Profits Cycle (New Factory Orders), 1995 - 8th Dec. 2016 (Oct. 2016)

US Profits Cycle (US Industrial Production), 1980 - 8th Dec. 2016 (Nov. 2016)

Confidence, Bomm Bust Barometer, 2000 - 10th/16th Dec. 2016