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10year US-Treasuries and Dow Dividend Stocks

10year US-Treasuries and selected (!) Dow Dividend Stocks

Both Instruments carry a yield of (at least) ca. 3% (some stocks show even much higher dividend yields). Please check out my most recent snapshot of the Dow Jones Index-components after today's market close (24th April 2018):

Tgether with a bunch of 10Year-Treasuries I am wondering what performance a 50/50 (Stocks/Bonds) portfolio would deliver at the start of Year 2028 (potential final year of a 10year-investment period). Following a hold-till-maturity approach for the "Risk-free-asset" (US-Treasuries) and a belief in the financial strenght of the stocks shown above could lead to an interesting "Large-Cap-Stocks-Investment-Strategy"...(stocks/bonds "fifty/fifty").