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The power of a diversified "US-biased" Portfolio

The power of a "US-biased" Portfolio
(covering the period 1972 - 2015)

Warren Buffet knows this period very well. In the year 1973 the wealth of Mr. Buffet stood at ca. USD 34 million. In 2013 it stood around USD 58.5 billion. That is the power of compounding interest !

Portfolio Growth (US-biased Portfolio with international assets), 1071 - 2015

In the example above I took a more conservative approach - in this backtest. A Buy & Hold Asset-Allocation structure, which relied on the US-Stock-Market, International stocks, EM-stocks, the 10-year-treasuries as Bond-component and Gold as a 19%-buffer. This collection of assets performed pretty well over the long time-period 1972 - 2016 (covering over 40 years !):