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Top 100 BrandZ 2015 (Performance Recap)

Top 100 BrandZ 2015 (Performance Recap)
June 2015 - 9th June 2016

Selected companies out of the Top 100 BrandZ list, which has been published in May 2015. Relative to the S&P 500 (broad US-Stock-Market, "black mountain") one can clearly see an outperformance of a basket of 15 stocks:

Selected Top BrandZ 2015 Portfolio (Status: 10th June 2016)1year/retrospective, updated:

Following you will find an overview of some TOP BrandZ of the TOP100-list issued by Millward Brown and WPP. In the following selection Micrsoft, Visa, AT&T and Verizon were gaining places in the overall-ranking. This also had an impact regarding my selection for the TOP-BrandZ Portfolio-components for the subsequent 12 months-period (June 2015 - 9th June 2016).

Overall the logic behind the selection process led to following stocks. I should also mention that I left out two stocks, so the perfomance is easier to asses, but also a hint for the selection process for the next 12 months. The two stocks not included here are Apple and BIDU (a chinese Internet-company); Most interesting may be the stock-performance in the last 12 months:

please also click here (updated):

As a final remark I would like to mention, that it almost always paid out (and pays out) to include stocks with a higher than average dividend yield. Being more specific re. my last remark I would especially count on stocks with a dividend yield > 2.5% or at least 2.2%.

CONCLUSION: The 12months-performance of the "virtual" portfolio was > +10% (excluding ! dividends)


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