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Time is over: Warren Buffet (?), July 2018

Well, his best days are gone?
Mr. Buffet

Well, in such a competitive field one should either stay competitive or give to charity or invest in the Education-field?! Anyway: My Backtest with 15 stocks from 2001 until July 2018 delivered stellar results:

Superman ;-) versus Buffety Soleti :-) (Status: July 2018)

...and the "Game" is just starting (starting to take off) - we are ready for "take-off" >>> Compounding interest starting kicking in :-)

The year 2018 has been "so far so good" (Backtest-Portfolio up more than +10%), but the interesting part will be the upcoming period: 2019 until 2029. Nearly a decade, in which the 15 stocks in this Backtest-Portfolio have to deliver again some resilience and/or leadership in their respective fields. 

To give you a small insight: 15 stocks, "Many household-names" from the sectors Health, Technology, Industrials, Consumer-Brands & Co.